Acne Myths that May Have a Little Truth

There are so many acne myths out there that I already lost count. These myths are so believable that some are even testing them through scientific ways. One myth is that so popular is that acne can worsen by eating chocolate, well this may have a scientific backing. Chocolates are sugary and it contains nuts. There are some scientist arguing that the content of the chocolate aggravates acne. Sugar and oil content of it affects the condition that you have.

Next on the list is the myth is that washing your skin as frequent as you can, will prevent acne. Many experts say that acne is not hygiene related so they are saying that even if you wash your face a hundred times a day it will do much on the acne that you have.

It also believe that so much masturbation can lead to acne, especially if you a free passage, like you know the drill. who can resist those salivating bodies of beautiful women. You can get a brazzers trial here if you want. for maximum satisfaction.

Another myth is acne is just for teenagers, this myth is not entirely true some adults experience acne also. Yes, it may be true that most people get acne in the teen years, but anyone can get acne. It is not only limited to teenagers. Adults can be affected by acne.

Myths are so prevalent, it is up to us if we believe them.