Acne Runs in my Family

Acne is an ordinary happening to me. Almost all members of my family suffered acne. So, I figured out that, I have acne because of heredity. Every generation of our family has their own share of suffering from acne. But I was comparing mine to the rest of my family, I figured that I have the most severe one.

My acne was so severe that it goes red and swell. Usual remedies tried by my family that worked, won’t work with mine. I was sad, it was like my suffering was amplified. I have an acne condition that is hereditary, and I think there is another factor that making my condition worst. I must find that cause aside from heredity. I found a website ACNEBYEBYE, it told me to make an inventory of the things I usually do. I listed the food that is my favorite to eat. I also take notes on the things I applied to my face. I also listed the habits that I do that may have an effect on my condition.

After making a list, I compiled and analyze the data I have. I was shock by the things that I found out. I was surprise cause the food that I eat and the habits that I do may have worsen my condition. I was fond of eating oily food and I have this knack for eating nuts. Any kind f nut is my favorite to munch on.

On my habits, I was unhygienic, I tend to touch my face unconsciously. Perhaps it became my habit to touch my nose and other parts of my face when I talk to someone. I tend also to make my hair fall onto my face which was not recommended. It was explained on some site that dirt and oil from hair may transfer from my hair to my face, making my already irritated skin to worsen.

Having this info, I changed my habits for the better and avoid un healthy foods. After a month of doing this my acne kind of cleared out. And also I forgot, if all else fails my friend recommended me to use accutane.