The Real Power of Graphics Card

Many of us knew what a graphics card is but few of us do not realize the actual power of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) or graphics card. In this article we will be telling you the basic functions and the powers of the GPU in a layman’s term or a language that everyone can […]

Phone Counseling Introduction

Phone counseling is a practice that has greatly improved overtime. The origin of this type of counseling is probably somewhere between when the first person gave advice or support to another person using the phone and when the first psychologist or counselor spoke to a patient by phone. Communication is the key to all forms […]

Why I Went to Vaping?

In the summer of 2011 I bought my first vaporizer, after my father was diagnosed with cancer. His doctor recommended me to use vaporizers to quit my tobacco smoking and I was surprised it cut off my smoking. Sadly my mother passed away after a year due to the complications brought by cancer. That left […]

Acne Runs in my Family

Acne is an ordinary happening to me. Almost all members of my family suffered acne. So, I figured out that, I have acne because of heredity. Every generation of our family has their own share of suffering from acne. But I was comparing mine to the rest of my family, I figured that I have […]