Phone Counseling Introduction

Phone counseling is a practice that has greatly improved overtime. The origin of this type of counseling is probably somewhere between when the first person gave advice or support to another person using the phone and when the first psychologist or counselor spoke to a patient by phone.

Communication is the key to all forms of counseling and the emergence of the telephone has greatly increased the range of the help the counselors can provide.

Nowadays the phone is used in a few different ways by counseling professionals. For therapists who used face to face counseling, the phone is often used as the extension when the client is out of town.

Counseling through phone gives you so much convenience in times of unexpected circumstances like failing to arrive on time for those attending face to face counseling due to transportation issues or time constraints, even due to illness. Having the session through phone is good way to avoid the gap and continue the treatment even if you’re are not there physically.

Some therapists allow their patient to call them freely whenever they want outside of their appointment time like Meister. The benefits of phone counseling cannot be denied, some of counselors encourage the use of it, while others are not. It may be still an individual preference on what to choose.

In most cases people who need professional counseling do not have access to therapist in their own area. Perfect example is those on the rural areas, people who are constrained by transportation and disability. For these kinds of instance phone counseling is very appropriate solution.

The internet can also be used side by side with phone counseling. Therapists nowadays uses the webcam for counseling, using voice over IP is also popular. Just like mommy makeover in Tulsa that you can get from

Many professional counselors are available for this type of service. This is a very effective and convenient way to get into counseling sessions.