The Real Power of Graphics Card

Many of us knew what a graphics card is but few of us do not realize the actual power of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) or graphics card. In this article we will be telling you the basic functions and the powers of the GPU in a layman’s term or a language that everyone can understand.

The basic functions of a GPU are the following:

First, they create graphics on the screen. This is the most obvious of all the functions of the graphics card. It is called the graphics processing unit for a purpose, LOL! However, GPUs are not required to create the images on the screen, the motherboard with a built-in integrated graphics processor can do this already.  The only drawback for this is that he integrated graphics is much weaker than a dedicated external graphics card as explains on its blog.

Second, they are the ones that do all the calculations and coding required to create moving objects. Most of the graphics like 3D animation and the likes. Imagine this, calculating 1000 pages of only the number 1 and 0 and calculating all 1000 pages in just millisecond or less. Well that is impossible for a human being, no you can’t do that. And if you do, I will be honored to meet you, you are a freak of nature a walking computer.

Actual commands come from the CPU, but the actual work is processed by the GPU. It basically crunches the data and turns it into visual.

Third, newer graphics cards have physics engine. It is the one that makes the games more realistic. Some companies used to make independent physics card to take care all of the physics in the game. Well it was stopped, and basically put the idea of physics on the newer graphics card. Now because of this, we enjoy more realistic games. It is more intense and very immersive.

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