Why I Went to Vaping?

In the summer of 2011 I bought my first vaporizer, after my father was diagnosed with cancer. His doctor recommended me to use vaporizers to quit my tobacco smoking and I was surprised it cut off my smoking.

Sadly my mother passed away after a year due to the complications brought by cancer. That left me thinking that I have to quit my smoking for good. I was thinking about the future of my family, especially my daughter.

Of course quitting is not an instant thing to happen. It took me a while to quit. I also tried anything that may stop my addiction to smoking. I tried chewing gums or candy. Tried lozenges also but to no avail. Not any of these had my craving stopped.

That is when I heard about a herbalizer, I was not convinced at first but, boy it was good. I also tried a volcano and it was really good. These two vaporizers were my main vaporizers. I use them alternately and it worked for me.

I also browse sites that will help me more on my vaping journey. I even found a site vaporizerfriend herbalizer vs volcano, which is a great site that compares my two favorite rig. It was so delight in reading the article because it was on point, checking it out against my experience with the article written. Everything on the post checked out.

Today I enjoy my life being tobacco free. Vaping helped me a lot, I fell far more better now without tobacco on my system. My health really made a 360 degrees turn. My sense of smell and taste went back and it is better. I am not easily tired even if I am chasing my little girl around. I am now able to keep up for hours of play.